WandelvierdaagseFrom 03. till 06. April 2013 it is time for the 49. edition of the “Avondvierdaagse” in Paramaribo.
More than 6000 participants walk and dance for four days between 15 and 30 kilometers a day.

This years motto is “No smoko mi mati, ow broko yu!” – “Dont smoke my friend, it destroys you!”.

The “Avond Vierdaagse” usually starts around 17.00. It has all the ingredients for four days of unbridled fun. Caressed by a pleasant sun, and cooled down by refreshing winds, with accompanying sounds by skillful musicians and enjoyed by a boisterous crowd.

The route varies and holds a different surprise every day. It meanders through the various neighborhoods, each with its own characteristics, and as you’re walking you get up close and personal with the friendly residents.

Of course it’s great fun singing and swinging along with the marching crowd, most of them dressed in fancy and colorful costumes.
The countless roadside stalls add further flavor to the atmosphere with the smells of tasty local dishes. Think barbecue, nasi and bami, roasted corn and popcorn. Allingredients to make the atmosphere warm and cozy, during a vibrant and energizing march in the evening.

Source Exotisch Reizen.

Read more about the event on the official Facebookpage.
Wanderroute 49. Avondvierdagse 2013 in Paramaribo

Route Avondvierdaagse Paramaribo Suriname 2013

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