Benzdorp Suriname

Suriname Herald reports, that a  “Nana Resources”  helicopter crashed this morning (17.05.) near the village of Benzdorp in the South of Suriname.

According to undefined sources, the pilot was seriously injured and transported to a hospital in Maripasula in French-Guiana.

It seems that it was an unregistered flight in the airspace of Suriname which is normal for gold transports.

Until now there is no further information about this incident.

UPDATE: The pilot was the general manager of NANA Resources and he crashed with a one man helicopter near Boewese.

It is rumored that the engine cover was not closed properly which led to the result that the helicopter crashed from about 500 meters.

This is the trailer for an upcoming profile film highlighting the company Nana Resources. Nana Resources is a middle scale gold mining company in Suriname, South America and strives to be at the forefront of environmentally responsible and human resource friendly mining operations.

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